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All Twelve Pieces From Jaeger-LeCoultre's Hybris Artistica Collection, Together In One Place

Last weekend, New York City was treated to the TimeCrafters exhibition, in which 15 brands and the Christie's fake watch Deparment showed off their latest wares. Just inside the exhibition entrance, visitors were treated to something extraordinary from Jaeger-LeCoultre ?all 12 pieces from the Hybris Artistica collection, together, in one place. Whether or not you are typically a fan of ornately decorated timepieces, these twelve creations are things to be admired. We just had to get photos of all twelve, as the collection may not be all together again for a very long time.

Here we'll walk you though the collection in order, highlighting what makes each Hybris Artistica piece unique. First up is the Master Grande Tradition Gyrotourbillon 3. In The Road To Basel: Episode 3, Jaeger-LeCoultre Marketing and Technical Director Stéphane Belmont walked us through the technical feats accomplished with the Gyrotourbillon 3. This edition adds a blue-grey tantalum case as well as a specially decorated movement to match.

Hybris Artistica 2 is the Master Grande Tradition Tourbillon Céleste, a much more ornately decorated piece. The flying tourbillon represents the start Sirus and tells sidereal time as it slowly orbits the blue aventurine dial, which is marked with the constellations. Lacquered guilloché rings indicate the months, signs of the zodiac, and the hours and the domed crystal has no bezel, allowing for better viewing of the tourbillon.

Although the Master Gyrotourbillon 1 first appeared a decade ago in 2004, Hybris Artistica 3 is almost unrecognizable when compared to the original. The "dial," if you can even call it that, is a skeltonized aventurine plate inspired by stained glass cathedral windows. It's unlike anything else we've seen before. The large aperture at the bottom reveals the Gyrotourbillon, which stands out boldly against the blue of the dial. Though the aesthetic complication might be most prominent here, let's remember that this fake watch is has an 8-day power reserve, a bi-axial tourbillon, a perpetual calendar, and equation of time.

The rock crystal dial of the Hybris Artistica 4 lets the Duomètre à Grande Sonnerie show off its extraordinarily complicated movement. The caliber combines a flying tourbillon, retrograde perpetual calendar, and a Westminster Grande Sonnerie that rings out the hours with the longest Big Ben melody ever implemented in a chiming watch. Also, Jaeger-LeCoultre's engineers designed the mechanism to be robust, and it does not let the user manipulate the crown and pushers in ways that might damage the mechanism.

Utilizing the same Duomètre system as the fake watch above, Hybris Artistica 5 shows off a different sort of complication, the 20-degree bi-axial tourbillon. The Duomètre Sphérotourbillon's namesake complication rotates on a second axis that is tilted at 20 degrees, further increasing accuracy. To utilize this accuracy, the small-seconds can be reset to zero with the pusher at 2 o'clock ?this was the first tourbillon ever to feature this ability. The white grand feu enamel dials are set into grained white gold plates that feature elegant steps down to the tourbillon itself. Two domed crystals show off both side of the mechanism.

Hybris Artistica 6 is a more colorful take on the Duomètre Sphérotourbillon, with the dials and plates consisting of blue paillonné enamel. For this technique, fine chips are chiseled off of blocks of silver and then compacted and fired together with pigment to achieve the special flecked color and texture.

Completing the Duomètre Sphérotourbillon portion of the collection is Hybris Artistica 7, the Duomètre Sphérotourbillon Pocket Watch. Inspired by an archival fake watch dating to 1928, it combines enamel work with the textured white gold seen on Hybris Artistica 5, and places it within a special case that shows of the tourbillon by suspending it below the rest of the dial.

Moving in a different direction, there is the Hybris Artistica 8, the Grand Reverso Tourbillon Squelette. It takes the basic, understated foundation of the Reverso and brings something new to the mix. The two sides of the Reverso case are sapphire tiles, allowing both sides of the movement to be viewed as one turns the case over. Between the hand-engraved bridges, you can see the tourbillon beating at 6 o'clock and the mainspring uncoiling in the barrel at 12 o'clock.

The Reverso Cordonnet Neva is Hybris Artistica 9, and it shows off what Jaeger-LeCoultre's gem-setters can do. Nearly every surface, from the dial to the case to the cord strap, is covered with hundreds of snow set diamonds, which means that the surface is smooth and no setting is visible. Each stone must be individually set and when the final stone is placed, the tension between the stones holds each in its spot.

Combining gem setting with an astronomical complication is Hybris Artistica 10, the Rendez-Vous Célestial. The dial is composed of baguette diamonds set using a proprietary Jaeger-LeCoultre setting method called "Rock-Setting" that allows no metal to show through. The case and bracelet are also fully set with diamonds, though not using this method. The dial has a large aperture through which you can see a rotating lapis lazuli disc hand-painted with the signs of the zodiac.

Like Hybris Artistica 10, the Rendez-Vous Tourbillon features a dial made of Rock-Set baguette diamonds, this time with a smaller aperture at 6 o'clock for the tourbillon. Again, Hybris Artistica 11's white gold case and bracelet are also set with diamonds, but the focus here is the pairing of Jaeger-LeCoultre's gem-setting and watch-making know-how, visible right on the dial.

Finally, we have Hybris Artistica 12, which isn't a fake watch at all. The Atmos Marquetry is a cabinet clock that combines Jaeger-LeCoultre's Atmos technology with very traditional decorative techniques. The crystal glass windows on the case show off the Atmos movement which has separate grand feu enamel dials for the hours, minutes, month, and moonphase. This stands in contrast to the rosewood and horse chestnut panels that fold out from either side, showing enamel marquetry reproductions of Alphonse Mucha's paintings of Spring and Autumn, hand-made of course.

Prices for all pieces are available only upon request. For more on Hybris Artistica, visit Jaeger-LeCoultre's virtual museum.

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